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Paul Ginocchi G.G., G.J.
Accredited Appraiser (CJI)
Registered Master Valuer
Toronto, ON

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Sunday, 18 March 2018
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Commitment to Consistency

A jeweller since 1985, with over 10 years experience in appraisals, International Gem Assessment Inc. (IGA) is a reputable and reliable independent Diamond and Jewellery Appraisal Laboratory.  IGA laboratory appraisals are recognized by all insurance companies.

We are here to help and confirm jewellery purchases made by our clients, while understanding how precious and sentimental some items may be.  By appointment, we offer an appraise while you wait service, so that you will not have to part with your jewellery.  This, combined with our comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, is what keeps our clients coming back.  IGA Laboratories provides services to both the jewellery trade, and to our valued retail consumers, while providing both with the discretion that you would expect.
Our commitment is to provide our clients with the utmost in quality service and reliable information regarding their jewellery.  Further to that, our commitment to you, is to provide consistent appraisals that you can rely on.  This is the reputation that we have worked hard to earn and maintain, and also the main reason that we are so highly regarded within the jewellery trade!  Our reports are produced in a professional manner that our clients and their insurance companies understand.
Our credibility is based upon graduation as an Accredited Appraiser from the Canadian Jewellery Institute (CJI), plus graduation from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) with both Master Gemologist and Diamond Certification levels.  We will provide you with fast, courteous, and professional service.
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