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Paul Ginocchi G.G., G.J.
Accredited Appraiser (CJI)
Registered Master Valuer
Toronto, ON

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Sunday, 18 March 2018
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Diamond and Gemstone Grading


When you deal with a Master Valuer and Gemologist, you can be assured of consistency and accuracy!  Appraising is often a matter of opinion based upon learned techniques and applications.  When you have purchased the tools that help and allow for complete verification, it's easy to have a more accurate and consistent opinion.  Knowledgeable people within the industry rely on that, and you should too!

Diamond Certificate

This process will provide you with a certificate grading of a diamond containing shape, measurements, carat weight, clarity, colour, and cut.  This may be the most accurate grading, as the stone is loose, and there are no outside influences that can effect the accuracy of the score.

Diamond Cut Report 

This report provides the same grading information as the certificate, along with exact specifications such as: table size, depth%, girdle size, culet size, and much more.  Using a Sarin machine, this report is completed to industry known and accepted standards.  When you want to know exactly what you own or are buying, this is the report for you.


Want a second opinion?  You know when you have that feeling that you're just not sure about something?  For a minimal expense, we will verify appraisals from other labs, so that you can be comfortable as our customer, and with your purchase. 

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